Sexual Assault Referral Centre
Sexual Assault Referral Centre

What is rape or sexual assault

Sexual assault/rape is any type of sexual act occurring without the consent of one of the people involved. There are a variety of legal definitions of sexual offences.

Who is raped or sexually assaulted?

Any person of any age, class or background.

The assailant is often a known person such as a relative or partner, but they may also be a stranger or someone who very little is known about.

The attack may happen indoors or outdoors. The assailant may break in to the victim’s home, may be invited in, or may force the victim to enter their home. There may be more than one assailant.

Advice for families, partners and friends

Following a sexual assault, many people feel distressed and may find that it is difficult to cope. Supporting a partner, friend or family member who has been sexually assaulted can be distressing – it can be very hard to know what to say and do to help.

Contact your nearest Solace Centre for help and advice, you can find our contact
details here. In an emergency situation where you do not feel safe dial 999.

Useful links

166 123

Victim Support:
0808 16 89 111

NAPAC (National Association for People
Abused in Childhood):
0808 801 0331

National Rape Crisis:
0808 802 9999

The Survivors Trust:
0808 801 0818

01273 911 680

Domestic Violence:
0800 2000 247
0808 801 0327

Refuge (Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy)
0800 221 8186

Safe (Support for Young People)
0800 133 7938

NHS 111

RASASC Guildford
01483 456 400

Counselling Directory
0844 8030 240